MENG 412    Computer Aided Design (3 Credits)
Spring 2006


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Stress Distribution through a 2-D structure using ANSYS

Course Description:

Introduction to computer aided engineering environment. Solid modeling. CAD Packages. Introduction to Finite Element Method. Overall finite element procedure Mathematical foundations of the finite element methods: Weak forms, assumed solutions, Galerkin methods, Rayleigh-Ritz methods, Finite element form of assumed solutions in 1D: the shape functions; linear element with application to the axial deformation of a bar; Hermitian interpolation functions, beam element and structural frames, 2D finite element solutions: examples of 2d boundary value problem;  Thermal analysis and weak form of the heat equation; Lagrangian and serendipity interpolation functions; derivation of finite element equations, Mapped elements; Isoparametric mapping, Finite elements for elastic solids: Linear elasticity, weak form of balance equations; plane strain and plain stress problems, Axisymmetry problems. Finite element methods for three dimensional elastic solids, Optimum design. Computer applications in mechanical design. introduction to non linear analysis.