MENG470     Mechanical Vibrations (3 Credits)

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Course Instructors:

1) Dr. Saeed Asiri

  • Office: 24E38

  • WhatsApp: +966565555275

  • Email:

  • Twitter: @drsaeedasiri

  • Facebook: saeedasiri

  • Website:

2) Dr. Mohamed Eltaher

 Course TA:

1) Dr. Essam Bahgat


2) Eng. Rayan Ahmed


Time Responses for three different spring-mass systems


Course Description:

Free and damped vibration of single degree of freedom systems, Viscous damping, Forced vibration, Resonance, Harmonic excitation; Rotating unbalance, Base motion, Vibration isolation, Fourier analysis, Vibration measuring, General excitation, Step and impulse response, Two degree of freedom systems, Frequencies and mode shapes, Modal analysis, Undamped vibration absorber, Multi degrees of freedom systems, Introduction to Continuous systems, Applications with  MATLAB-SIMULINK and ANSYS programs.