MENG612       Varational and Energy Methods (3 Credits)



  • Dr. Saeed Asiri       
    .:  0565555275      


Catalog Description: Derivation, interpretation, and application to engineering problems of the principles of virtual work and complementary virtual work. Related theorems such as the principles of the stationary value of the total potential and complementary energy, Castigliano's Theorems, theorem of least work and unit force and displacement theorems. Introduction to generalized, extended, mixed, and hybrid principles. Variational methods of approximation, Hamilton's principle, and Lagrange's equations of motion. Approximate solution to problems in structural mechanics by use of variational theorems. 


Course Philosophy: Energy principles form the basis for many methods (including finite element methods) that are widely used in structural mechanics. Understanding these principles requires an in-depth look at the principles. We will attempt to take the "scenic route", to encourage you to consider the principles and methods in depth.